Why Your Bathroom Needs a Shower Plant (Or Five)

With plant-ish trends generally on the rise, (see, jungalow), it should come as no surprise that Pinterest searches for shower plants skyrocketed in the last year alone, and for good reason. In addition to acting as au naturel air filtration sources, plants are also known to absorb surplus moisture and eliminate bacteria and odour, making them as practical as they are pretty. Further, many plants tend to naturally thrive in a bathroom setting, (even bathrooms with low-light), meaning you can foster a tropical forest of foliage, sans the green thumb.

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up a few Pinterest-worthy arrangements to get you aptly excited about this burgeoning micro-trend.

Assorted Succulents
For a layered and easily-interchangeable look, we’re digging the boho vibes of this bathroom, complete with an army of stunning succulents, including jade plant. Succulents don’t need as much moisture as your average houseplant, so if you go this route, ensure your plant babies are in a spot privy to direct sunlight, which will dry up extraneous moisture.

A Vine or Trailing Plant
If your bathroom has high-up ledges or a partial wall large enough to accommodate a plant atop it using an indoor plant stand, a vine or trailing plant may suit your space, lending it an effortlessly tropical feel in the process. If you’re attracted to this dramatic look, try Chlorophytum comosum, commonly known as spider plant, (notorious for removing odours, fumes, and around 90 percent of formaldehyde from the air), or a low-maintenance Crescent Succulent Vine.

Low-maintenance Air Plants 
As their name suggests, air plants can retrieve most of the water they need from the air, meaning they need not be root-deep in soil to flourish. Instead, the roots of this South America-hailing plant are used to anchor onto a host of some sort, be it a tree, a window, or your shower. They are widely acknowledged as being easy houseplants to maintain.

A “Living Curtain” 
On the topic of air plants, there’s always Spanish Moss, a flowering perennial plant that’s happy to go soil- and pot-less. We love this Spanish Moss curtain idea via Apartment Therapy and we also love their suggestion to use mesh or string to suspend individual Tillandsia plants in a curtain-like configuration. In the bathroom, these low-maintenances plant enjoy bright, but filtered light, and plenty of humidity.

Freshly Cut Herbs
And finally, for those with only fleeting interest in bathroom botany, there’s always this simple configuration, which suggests securing fragrant, freshly cut plants, such as lemongrass, lavender, or eucalyptus to your shower head using twine. As you shower, the steam will make contact with the plants, infusing the air with aromatherapy scents associated with calming and healing.

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