Wellness Review: My Fitness Pal iPhone App Keeps You On Track

This new app for the iPhone is a girl’s best friend. No more guessing how many calories were in that juicy burger you gorged yourself on at lunch, and how many sit ups it will take to burn off! This little friendly app has almost every food imaginable in its database. From restaurant items, to the foods in your fridge, this app will keep you on track and add in your daily exercise too. There is no excuse for not staying on your workout and diet plan with your phone right at your fingertips. We all know we can cut some corners while dieting, and that is all well and good. But, using this app will make dieting and calorie counting fun; we promise! 

Start by inputting your current weight- you’re real weight now girls. By recording this, the app will give you an estimated weight-loss projection at the end of each day you log your food and exercise. Add what your daily calorie goal is, and away you go! 

With categories for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, you should be able to find every food under the sun in the database. If something isn’t there, do your best to guess based on condiments and size of your portion. Same goes for logging your workouts; if you do some new-fangled class that isn’t on the list, do your best to guesstimate. You will see a running tally at the top showing your calories consumed, calories burned during exercise, your net calories for the day and how many you have remaining for the day. 

The ˜home’ tab is like your homepage on Facebook or Twitter and has a newsfeed of all your logs as well as your friends. Go to the ˜friends’ tab and add your friends using their usernames and get updates on their progress. It is a great way to be connected and motivate each other. Your ˜progress’ tab gives you a clear chart of your weight loss after every time you log your weight.

There are plenty of apps out there, but we have found that this one really works! Some of your favourite foods that you think are low in calories might be way up there. The app also gives you a break down of protein, fat, carbs and all the other nutritional information you would expect.

Our advice is to try it out, stick with it and you will see results. This tool will give you that little push of encouragement to get started or loose those last five pounds you are dying to see the last of.

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