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Sometimes on your journey to getting and staying fit, it’s hard to make time to get to the gym. But with such a selection of workout DVDs, how do you know which one is for you? If you’re short on time, look for workout DVDs that pack a lot of work into a short amount of time. If yoga is your thing, look for a DVD that combines strength training with your usual stretches for a more effective workout. I’m no guru, but I have tried quite a few and these are the ones I’ve found helped the most.

Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred
This DVD may not be the newest on the market, but it’s definitely one of the most effective I’ve tried. The short workout combines three minues of strength, two minutes of cardio and a minute of ab work for 20 minutes to work every part of your body. There are also three different levels, so you can increase the intesnity of your workout as you get stronger. It’s a short DVD, but if you follow the routine every day for 30 days you’re almost guaranteed results.

Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy
One of my biggest motivations to workout is to look like the celebs on TV. I feel just a little bit closer when I pop in this yoga DVD from Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor. This one is also short if you need to fit in a workout in a pinch. It combines strength as well as stretching so you’ll feel both relaxed and a little bit sore after your workout. And the complete opposite of Jillian Michaels, Mandy is a funny and kinder intsructor to watch.

Stratusphere Yoga
This one is another yoga+strength DVD from everyone’s favourite WWE Diva Trish Stratus. This one is set up differently than Ingber’s though. Instead of a single routine, you have the option to choose which part of the body you want to work for a customized workout. If you only want abs, only do abs, if you’d like a long flow yoga with a bit of strength too play them all for a total body workout.

Booty Camp Fitness The Ultimate Home Edition 2
This one looks intimidating when you take it home. This is more than just a DVD, it’s a bit of a lifestyle change. The set comes with 11 different workouts plus a schedule for what to do every day, charts for your before and after measurements and tips for healthy eating. Back to the actual workouts, there is a great mix of cardio, strength and stretching, in long or short workouts.  Play either the total body workouts, in the beginner, intermediate or advanced workout, or separate each part of your body for what you have time for, for example you can take the arm toning DVD and play it after the cardio quickie for a customized workout.

There are a few more that look good that I haven’t tried.

Reebok Bootcamp DVD
From the company that presents the CrossFit Games, I’m sure a Reebok bootcamp will whip you into shape. The DVD come with 7 express workouts that focus on different areas of your body.

The Firm: Cardio Bootcamp Collection
The Firm series of workouts has been around for years and I’ve always heard good things about the cardio workouts. This one is a 40-minute mix of cardio and strength to burn fat.

Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix
I’ve heard that kickboxing burns close to 1000 calories an hour, but while I may not have the time or money to hit a kickboxing class at the gym, I can find time to pop in another of Jillian Michaels’ 20-minute workouts (if you can tell, I really believe in her workout DVDs). This one offers three levels of cardio kickboxing to kick the fat.

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