Why You Should Consider Renting your Bridesmaids Dresses


“And the best thing is you can shorten it and wear it again.” It’s an all too familiar line from 27 Dresses that undoubtedly every bridesmaids hears once. The thing is, most bridesmaids dresses will sit in your closet collecting dust. And if you have a lot of gal pals like Katherine Heigl in the movie, they start to take up a lot of space.  Instead of choosing bridesmaid dresses that “they can shorten and wear again” consider having your bridesmaids rent a dress for you big day.

Save Money:

Your bridesmaids will thank you when they find out they won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars on a dress they’ll likely only wear once. There are many websites like rentfrockrepeat.com that let you rent your dress for a fraction of the price. This way, that $600 dress will only cost your girls a fraction of the price (most rent for $100). 

More options:

When most people think bridesmaids dresses they think taffeta. But renting a dress offers up a huge selection of designer dresses. This means bridesmaids can have a little more fun choosing dresses in slightly more expensive and flattering fabrics like silk and chiffon. Another great reason to rent is fashion forward brides can choose a dress with the season, since dress rental companies need to keep up with the latest trends.

Shopping made easier:

If you’ve got girlfriends from coast to coast who will be in the wedding party, online retailers are a great way to have everyone in on the conversation. Unlike tradition stores, which may not have the entire collection online for those who miss out. The entire selection is there to see. This way, friends from Thunder Bay can browse through as easily as your bridesmaids in Toronto. When it comes to fittings, Rent Frock Repeat sends two dress sizes for the price of one so everyone can look great on the day.

It’s Eco Chic

I may have mentioned once or twice that you’ll never wear it again. So think of this as dress recycling. Instead of hundreds of dresses sitting in the back of hundreds of closets (only to be thrown out or donated years later) these dresses are worn again and again all summer. By renting a dress you’re not only saving closet space, you’re also saving space in a landfill. 

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