Britney Spears’ Instagram Deserves Some Major Kudos

"Some ask me questions: why am I so real?" – "My Perogative," 2004

Here's the thing about Britney Spears' Instagram account: it fucking rules.

IT DOES. And we should in no way, shape, or form be surprised.

Britney Spears has overcome everything. The woman has lived. We watched her conquer the world, we saw her have a time, and now we're seeing her rise like the phoenix she is — whether in Vegas, in the studio, or (especially) on social media.

If we're being honest (and we are, always, obviously), we all curate our Instagram feeds pretty heavily. We cultivate an aesthetic that makes us all seem fun, interesting, and above all, cool. Britney? She doesn't give a shit. Since she's had it, she's posted promotional shots, sure, but also uses Instagram to admit when she's having a bad day (see: the video in which she suggests finding somebody with hearts on their shoes to cheer you up), reveals that she's bored walking around with her dogs while her kids run ahead of her (which would be totally boring, absolutely), and then includes random videos of herself riding a scooter or doing a Woody Woodpecker impression.

Girlfriend does not give a fuck. This is her life, and if you're not into it, goodbye.

Because why would she censor anything anymore? Britney Spears is TOUGH. Not only did she record and release number one hits for ten consecutive years (and is doing the exact same thing again), she travelled the world as a teenager, braved questions about her virginity by intrusive male reporters, and lived her entire life for the public — which makes/made her mid-00s breakdown relatively unsurprising. (Like, hi: most of us did not live the kind of life Britney had, and we still all spiraled in our 20s.) Britney Spears is done living for any of us. She's living for herself, her kids, her career, and her family. She is who she is, and thanks to Instagram, we get to see that — because it's not like she'd include footage of her friend getting a B12 shot in a press release. (Which you can find on her account, thank you.)

Ultimately, I don't think Britney gets credited enough for her contributions to pop culture, so I say we credit her for this: reality. It's easy to get caught up in how you want other people to perceive you. It's easy to use the most flattering filter or take only the most beautiful photos, but it isn't easy to put yourself out there in an actual, relatable way that exposes you as the human being you are. In reality, none of us are cool. We are all very un-hip. And to embrace that is to be free. Britney? She's free. She has given us everything, but is finally giving herself the freedom to be Britney-fucking-Jean. A singer, and a mom, and a person

And people are more than just a really cool selfie. They are Woody Woodpecker impressions and videos you make with your friends. Also, about one million other things — all of which I'm sure we'll see on Britney's Instagram soon enough.

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