Your Personal Rain Boot Guide

Gumboots are no longer limited to muddy festivals and farm work”they’re popping up all over city sidewalks as a stylish alternative to wet and soggy shoes. The trend has gotten so big that gumboots aren’t limited to the classic black, chunky, oaf of a boot¦they’re now presented as sleek, chic, and dare I say, sexy? Check out this guide of all things rain boot for every budget.


High Street

Who would have thought that the words gumboot and Gucci would be in the same sentence, let alone trend? However, they are, and they’re fabulous. Go gaga for these designer rain flats that run around $300.00 a pair. You can go all-out with the all-over famous Gucci script logo with the designer label’s edimburg GG flat, or wear a subtle flair with Gucci‘s rain flat. The only problem is; do you buy a bag to match the boots? 

Middle of the Range

Famed British brand Hunter has a line of gumboots that will make you feel like you should be playing polo rather than puddle dodging. Worn by celebrities and civilians alike, the gumboots run for about $150.00-$200.00 a pair and are both comfortable and classy. Check out the upcoming trend of the two-tone boot with Hunter’s Regent Carlyle in a variety of shades. Tea time, anyone?

On the Cheap

If you don’t want to fully commit to the gumboot lifestyle but do want to try it out, invest in a cheap pair for weekend wear. Many department stores carry an assortment of gumboots for a lower price. Crocs (don’t knock ˜em till you try ˜em) have a surprisingly chic looking line of gumboots in a variety of colors for around $75.00 a pair. For a pop of color, try Croc’s Wellie Rain Boot in their cranberry hue.


Karen Walker and Vivienne Westwood
If you’re a veteran of gumboot wearing, and you’re just looking for a unique pair to wear this winter, look no further. Check out oversea designer Karen Walker’s adorable pair KW Gumboot Filigree or if you’re feeling extra sassy and are seeking a shorter pair, try out Vivienne Westwood’s Bootie Stud Gold Glitter Boots– sure to get you singing in the rain.

Give it the Boot
While uniqueness is always encouraged with fashion, say no to the following when it comes to gumboots:

1)    Any boot with eyes.
2)    Gumboot wedges.
3)    Gumboots that aren’t waterproof.
4)    Borrowing your little sister’s boots, your dad’s wellingtons, or Farmer Joe’s work boots.

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