When Bad Fashion Happens to Good People

We all have off days, but fortunately for us, we’re usually not being documented frame by frame or having our images sold to various websites.  However, the beauty of fashion and gossip blogs is that even when the most fashionable and perfectly accessorized celebrities have their moments of questionable decision-making, we can take solace in the fact that we’re not alone.  Here are five celebrities who’ve exemplified moments of when bad fashion happens to good people and why they’re off-the-mark:

Eva Mendes

While authentic vintage and vintage-inspired pieces are tried and true, nothing can justify the normally fashion-savvy Eva Mendes’ choice to take a page out of the book of Betty White circa 1989.  Sure, the 70s were a fashion Mecca, but with the fully-buttoned blouse and matching skirt (not to mention the loud print), the charming actress looks less like an updated Mary Tyler Moore and more like someone who took “what would Grandma wear?” a little too literally.

Taylor Momsen

Little J may have embraced Courtney Love meets Cherie Curie for her entrance into rock and/or roll, but there’s still no excuse for her to be dressed like a poorly accessorized lady of the night.  Flaunting clear platforms with a sheer glorified nightgown (and readers?!), Momsen looks more like she needs a concerned parent and a sensible pair of pants than she does an emerging force in the industry.

Jessica Simpson

We’ve all gravitated towards trends that weren’t exactly ideal for our body types, and it seems as though Jessica Simpson has just done the same.  By choosing such a loud pattern and relatively daring cut, the songstress failed to accentuate her curvy figure which instead made her look short and bulky, while in reality she’s simply curvaceous and small.  (However, in her defence, her hair is perfect for an afternoon out and about.

Kate Walsh

The Private Practice star is renowned for acing west coast chic, but with this sheer polka-dot dress boasting shoulder cut-outs (. . . what?), we can’t help but wonder why the two were thought to go together.  What otherwise would’ve been an outfit perfectly in-step with the season’s infatuation with vintage, Walsh’s attire looks as though got caught in the early 2000s “ the years still trying to find its place between grunge and tailored chic.

LeAnn Rimes

The former country darling’s fuchsia shorts and black crop top define good in theory, but not in real life, as the pink and black work to take a page out of the year 2004.  While she undoubtedly has the figure to flaunt a look that many of us should shy away from, that doesn’t necessarily make it age appropriate, and while she’s trying to glam it up with necklaces and embellished gladiators, the shorts bring the essence of preteen to an adult woman.

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