What Women Can Learn From Style-Savvy Curvy Celebrities

Remember the days when size zero was the thing to be? We don’t. Curves on women have become more and more desirable and coveted in both the real world and the world of Hollywood stars. Instead of starving themselves, these celebs have embraced their healthy, womanly curves, and some have even based their careers on them! Just because you are a size 12 and not a two, doesn’t mean you can’t dress as fiercely and fashionably as the runway models. Stars like Beyonce and Sophia Vergara are showing the world that curvy is most definitely the new slim. Take a few pointers, and life lessons, from these famous ladies, and wear your curves with pride.

Kim Kardashian
Talk about using what your mama gave you! This reality TV starlet has literally built her career from her famous derrié¨re. By not giving into the pressures of being stick thin in Hollywood, Kim has become a positive body-role model for curvy women and girls all over the world. While she does workout almost every day, she also has admitted to indulging her sweet tooth and not worrying about her pesky cellulite that just won’t seem to go away. Donning skin-tight dresses and barely-there bikinis, Kim isn’t afraid if a little bit of her jelly jiggles now and then. The lesson to be learned from the new Mrs. Humphries is to embrace your curves, and don’t let them stop you from wearing that tight bandeau dress that you have been dying to wear. Learn where clothes hug your body in the right spots, and flaunt those real-women curves!

Jennifer Love-Hewitt
This girl has struggled as much as you and I with her body image and those extra few pounds. Admidst one breakup after another, Hewitt’s confidence about her curves has hit rock bottom sometimes. But now, the star is learning how to dress for her body and is starting to enjoy being that little bit more sexy because of her extra jiggle. The lesson to be learned here is to not look at your extra weight as a curse; see it as a blessing. All it takes is that one dress that only looks good on a girl with ample assets. Once you feel comfortable and learn to love your curves, the guys will see you exuding that sexy confidence and be lining up around the block.

America Ferrera
There is nothing ugly about this Ugly Betty star’s body. When she is not covering up her curvaceous body under her characters drab clothes, she is flaunting it as one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. America is perhaps one of the best examples real girls have to look up to in Hollywood, as she really is curvy all around. While other curvy stars have flat abs and a small waist to accompany big breasts and butt, America has more around the middle. She is a great example of how to be healthy, while still holding onto those few extra pounds. She is equally stunning in floor-length gowns as she is in jeans and a peasant top. The lesson here is to not shy away from looking like a princess for a night, just because you have a more shapely body.

Those hips really don’t lie, and they are telling everyone that what they see, is what they get. This curvaceous Columbian shook her hips all the way to fame and the envy of millions of women around the world. Shakira knew she had wide hips, but did not cover them up or hide them. She put them in the spotlight, front and center, for the world to see. The lesson here is to use your curves, or perhaps your one biggest insecurity, to your advantage. If it is your hips, find clothes and your own style that extenuate them in just the right way. Find a curvy celebrity that resembles you and your body, and learn from their body successes!


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