What to Wear With Your LWD (little white dress)

A white dress was once reserved for tying the knot, but somewhere along the line, we realized that one day just isn’t enough. The LWD (Little White Dress) is the ultimate summer appropriate outfit. No need to wait until the altar, this look is hot now!

  1. Big Bangles
    A solid white base acts as a canvas for playing around with arm accessories. Stacked bangles in various colours, textures and widths are a favoured companion to the LWD. What looks extra cute? Wear the bangles on your wrist and arm.
  2. Loose scarf
    A loose scarf can really make a casual LWD pop. Try to avoid pairing the dress with a white scarf and instead opt for something contrasting. Bold patterns are ideal. You can either wrap the scarf with a single loop, or better yet, let a silk scarf openly hang loosely around your neck.
  3. Sky High Heels
    This is what you’ll need to finish off the look of a tight, white mini. The heels create a very polished appearance, not to mention a sleek and slender leg. Try a high heeled gladiator style or open-toed pump.
  4. Tan Accessories
    The neutrality of tan accessories helps give the LWD a crisp and sophisticated edge. A wide textured belt or skinny cinched belt really pulls this look together. What makes this trend even more amazing is pairing it with tan sandals.
  5. Black Jacket
    There is no other look more classic, more signature than black & white. So it’s no surprise we’re matching up the LWD with a fierce black jacket. Choose a structured blazer for a sophisticated evening look or a loose motorcycle jacket for a more casual appeal.
  6. Bright Clutch
    A bright coloured clutch adds a playful yet sexy element to this look. The purity of the white dress is contrasted by the boldness of the bag and the combination creates a very eye-catching impression.


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