What To Wear To Work

Deciding what to wear to work can rank as high as what song to listen to on your morning commute. However, every day doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to a few simple tips that will keep the big question far less intimidating. Business casual never seemed so good.

1. Back to basics
There’s a reason wardrobe staples exist, and instead of wondering what to wear to work, embrace the tried-and-true office style. A pastel-toned blazer, crisp white button up and pair of black cigarette pants will help you be current and business-appropriate “ especially if you swap the cotton blouse for a sheer button-up in a sorbet shade. Obviously, you’ll need to wear a camisole or tank top underneath to avoid breaking dress code, but if the look works for Working Girl, it can work for you too.

2. Go retro
True, the ˜70s trend has lost its momentum, but classic silhouettes and A-line skirts will never be out of style. Instead of focusing on the business suit, take a walk on the feminine side and when it comes to what to wear to work, ask yourself what Peggy Olsen would do. This season, designers showcased full skirts and modest lengths, while the pencil skirt also returned for a dynamic spring comeback. A simple neutral tank top, cardigan, pencil skirt and heels is a go-to for a reason “ and bonus points awarded if you pick up a Joan Holloway-inspired necklace.

3. Keep it ˜20s
You’d be right to assume that feather boas and elaborate silk dresses have no place at the office, but the 1920s trend can still have a place in what to wear to work. Instead of an embellished cocktail dress, look to the era’s pleated skirts and wear a looser fitting button up un-tucked overtop to create a prohibition-era vibe. Pair with chunky heels with an ankle strap, and make sure pieces are ironed to keep what to wear to work looking sharp. You may also want to try a casual cotton flapper dress on those hot summer days if you’re feeling especially 20s-centric.

4. Add some colour
The coloured jeans trend is all the rage, and on casual Friday, don’t be afraid of a little charisma. What to wear to work should be an exciting question, so pair coloured denim with a striped long sleeve t-shirt and oxfords for a trendy, low-key tribute to spring.


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