Tricks to Wearing Summertime Denim

In 30 degree temperatures, it can be tempting to abandon your denim and embrace the worlds of linen, light cotton or combinations of both.  But regardless of how cool you want to be kept or how little you may care about fashion during heat advisories, there’s something to be said for your favourite pair of jeans and the way they make you feel.  That’s why we’ve come up with the best ways to delve into denim during the summertime months.

Love Your Boyfriends

Sure, the real deal is great, but when it comes to hot summer looks, nothing beats the boyfriend shorts that have taken streets, runways and countless closets by storm.  Baggy enough to be casual, but fitted enough to be flattering, boyfriend shorts are the summer equivalent of springtime’s full-length jeans “ sported by the likes of Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson and Reese Witherspoon “ and are perfect for errand running, park-hopping or lunch with friends.  Paired with a plain white tank, flip flops and a fedora “ or even a baggy button-up and oversize shades “ they’re ideal for those summer days where only comfort matters.

Cut It Out

Cut-offs may be the oldest look in the (fashion) book, but there’s something to be said for a style that’s withstood the test of several decades.  Whether you buy them pre-chopped or you retire a pair of jeans and apply them to the season, cut-offs are this year’s hottest summer update, with fashionistas like Alexa Chung and the Olsen Twins rocking them with tights, boots or hardware-heavy gladiator sandals.  Complimented by a tailored top or vintage blouse, you’ll look less like a casual cutie and more like a fashion-forward city dweller, staying heat-free (but hot) in the process.

Aim High

Mom jeans may have gotten a bad rap after terrible 90’s fashion choices, but with brands like Cheap Mondays or chains like Aritzia including them in their roster of hot commodities, high-waisted denim has returned in full force.  Sticking with the stretch denim trend of today, 2010’s answer to the looks of long ago have been popping up in cities like New York and London for years, but have finally come to the forefront as less and less shoppers are opting for low rise.  With a loose-fitting t-shirt tucked in, or an oversize dress shirt paired with a snug-fitting tank, high-waisted shorts  are this summer’s answer to the shockingly low choices of the early 2000’s “ but far more flattering than the wardrobes worn by the original cast of 90210.

Selective Memory

Regardless of humidex, there are times when denim shorts just won’t do and full-length jeans must be worn accordingly.  Like in any season, the key is to don the most flattering look, but when taking heat into consideration, your best bet is to adopt a 50/50 mindset.  If you’re rocking your favourite skinnies, pair them with a free-flowing tank or baggy blouse to keep air circulation in effect, or if you’re opting for something more fitted, compliment with a pair of boyfriends or a beach-inspired straight leg.  The key to any season is balance, and when you’re already battling big hair and a shiny face, denim need not be a struggle.


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