Top 5 Spring Jewellery Trends

Sometimes the easiest (and most inexpensive) way to update your look for a new season is to simply get the latest accessories and pair them with your favourite staples. With a return to minimalist trends this season, Spring 2011‘s eye-catching jewelry will really help make your outfits pop.

Some of the hottest pieces you’re looking for include statement necklaces (the more layers, the better!), huge earrings and rings, large cuff bracelets piled on your wrists, brightly coloured bangles, and gem-encrusted headbands.

Keep your eyes out for these styles when you’re shopping:

1. Minimalist Metal

Think simple and striking shapes in bold metal colours to get a clean and modern look. Bracelets are angular or square rather than round and necklaces are in interesting, unconventional shapes as well. Bonus points if you do these pieces in a rose gold colour rather than traditional silver or gold. However mixing metals together in one piece has never been more popular.
Try Forever 21’s Rhinestone Heart Dangling Chain Necklace, $11.80.

S - Mixing Metal Forever 21 300x400

2. Tribal Trinkets

Rough spikes, earth tones, stones, feathers, leather fringe, animals and lots of foliage can be found on bracelets, rings and necklaces this spring. Consider trying a bold flower ring, delicate leaf earrings or a wooden bib necklace to spice up simple pieces and get in touch with Mother Nature at the same time. Pair these items with daring make-up, styled hair, and sky-high heels or wedges to go from granola girl to glamorous goddess.
Try Anthropologie’s Eventide Eranthis Ring, $34.00.

S - Tribal Trinkets Anthropologie 300x400

3. Long, Luscious Earrings

Do your earrings hang low? They’d better! Whether you try dangling vintage looking pearls, crystal chandeliers or long flowing tassels, earrings this season are going to be nearly grazing your shoulders. Lengthy fringed earrings will look good with long or short hair. A tip for those with sensitive ears: try to feel how heavy these puppies weight, and whether or not your lobes can handle it for a day or evening, before you buy.
Try Urban Outfitter’s Elongated Beaded Chandelier Earring, $18.00. 

S - Long Earrings UO 300x400

4. Sizzling Stones

We saw it on the red carpets and on the runways: brightly coloured stones on big rings and statement necklaces are a must for this season. Think about bright turquoise, jade or orangey-red stones on cuff bracelets and big drop earrings.  Bonus points if you mix Cabochen-style stones in multiple colours on one piece or in a couple of items. Conversely, translucent, glass-like, vintage pieces are also making a comeback for those who are a bit less courageous and a bit more classic.
Try Anthropologie’s Rock Candy Necklace, $38.00.  

S - Stones Anthropologie 300x400

5. Pretty Punk

Thinking about punk accessories probably draws up images of leather and plaid, but a bit of hard edge in your jewellery can give you a bad ass look without making you seem scary. Think safety pins with dangling charms (not going through your skin, of course!), heavy chains of laced metal, and lots of studs and texture. Keep the rest of your outfit clean and modern. Bonus points if you’re brave enough to sport a body chain.
Try Urban Outfitter’s Metal Scale Bracelet, $29.00 

S - Punk Bangle UO 300x400

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