Taking Your Fall Jacket Into Winter

You’d probably love to take your fall jacket into winter, but with the first tastes of the season permeating your thin layers, you’ve likely pulled that parka out of the closet and begrudgingly incorporated it into your life. But if what if we told you that you can do both? The solution lies below (and you can thank us by adding us to your holiday shopping list).

Jacket Type: Denim

How to Adapt: Let’s start at the beginning. For only two seasons, you happily boast the Canadian uniform, justifying denim-on-denim until it’s too cold (or too hot) to think of new reasons how. But as long as you don’t mind layering, you can make a denim jacket a winter go-to by donning a zip up sweater or hoodie underneath, worn with a cozy eternity scarf, mittens and boots. Of course, not all jackets allow so much bulk, so if your denim jacket is just a glorified shirt, embrace a faux fur vest and showcase a new seasonal trend alongside a classic favourite.

Jacket Type: Leather bomber

How to Adapt: Odds are that if you splurged on a leather investment, you made sure it could take you into November. But if you opted for a lighter alternative, it’s still possible to make it winter adaptable “ provided you’re willing to accessorize and bulk up. Like with denim, it’s possible to combine both leather and fur (and even feathers) thanks to the eclecticism of this winter’s trends. So if you’ve got a standard leather bomber, warm it up with a removable fur collar or a ˜70s-inspired knit scarf “ that way, you’re helping lock heat in while proving that your leather purchase was one well thought-out.

Jacket Type: Cape

How to Adapt: For two seasons we’ve sang the praises of capes and ponchos, but once the snow starts to fly, the last thing you’ll want is to adopt a look without sleeves. But that’s when it’s time to flaunt that new winter wardrobe: while peacoat-inspired capes are arguably winter jackets, others were designed solely for sweater-weather with their lack of, well, arms. But as big, bulky almost-novelty sweaters become the seasonal norm, use them as part of your jacket-wear by pairing an oversize cardigan with your flowing cape. Of course, you can also go jacket crazy: if you’re still clinging on to that classic denim coat, wear it underneath your cape so you don’t necessarily have to make a sacrifice.

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