Q&A: Fashion Blogger, Aimee Song of SongofStyle

We sat down to chat with celebrity fashion blogger Aimee Song of SongofStyle.com in Toronto to discuss her latest collaboration with online luxury retailer eLUXE.ca. Song also gave us the low-down on how her family played a big part in her love for fashion and her upcoming travel plans. Song of Style for eLUXE mixes Aimee's California-girl style with the season's hottest sweatshirt trend resulting in a limited run, six-piece capsule collection available exclusively eLUXE.ca, this holiday season beginning December 4. The collection is chic and affordable, with pieces priced from $40 to $90.

29: Do you feel like there is a lot of pressure to look fabulous all the time? Do you ever go out in a pair of sweatpants and flip-flops?

Aimee Song: I would never [laughs]. I don’t feel pressure at all. Even when I didn’t have a blog, would never go out looking bad. You just never know who you’re going to meet. Imagine on your worst day you run into your ex-boyfriend, or the girl that you hate who used to make fun of you in high school?  Like how shitty would you feel?

29Secrets: How did this collaboration come together?

Song: eLUXE approached me to design graphic t-shirts. I wanted to design something with LA, and I say Voila quite a lot and I wanted to combine those two. For the Do Epic Chic tee and sweatshirt, I say chic a lot when I describe anything fashion related. So I wanted to include that as well.

Do Epic Chic Tshirt and Voila Sweater

29: When you started your blog did you ever imagine that you would become this style celebrity?

Song: I don’t consider myself a celebrity, and no I didn’t think it would take off. I didn’t think I would be where I am through blogging. But, I always wanted to travel around the world and create beautiful spaces. I am living my dream.

29: Your sister Dani Song also has a large social media following. How was it growing up in the Song household with two fashionistas?

Song: We definitely fought over clothes — my mom, my sister and I. It was like three sisters. We all share very similar shoes sizes, we always bought shoes that we could share.

29: Do you still share?

Song: When I am away I give my sister my keys to my place and something always disappears. She will Instagram and she is in my bedroom or closet.

29: Have any of your celebrity friends asked you to style them?

Song: Yes, but I don’t have time.  I would rather style myself. But, ever since I was little I always styled my little sister. My parents would leave for work in the morning and I would dress her. She was like a little living Barbie doll because she was always tall, lean and gorgeous. Now she does my hair and make-up.

29: What’s next for you?

Song: Right after Toronto I am going to Miami for Art Basel. Then I am going to be in LA for a week working on my interior design projects. After the holidays, I am going to Florence, Italy for a week, and then I am going to South Africa.

Follow Song on Instagram and check out her blog for her latest outfit posts as she travels the world. 

[Photo credit: SongofStyle.com]

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