Put a Lid on It: Stylish Winter Hats

Now that fall is in full force and winter is just around the corner (sorry to say it, but its true) it’s time to break out all the winter accessories and that means finding a pair of warm gloves, cozy scarves and most importantly a hat that completes your entire outfit. But if you’ve never really been a hat person or can never find one that suits your style, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up this season’s best hat styles and we’re showing you how you can fashionably wear a hat.

1. Pick a hat that is soft to the touch


 H&M Leopard Cap – $12.95
This might seem obvious but sometimes we sacrifice our comfort for warmth and that can mean choosing a hat that warms our heads but is made of itchy material. When choosing a hat this winter steer clear from irritating fabrics (only you know what your skin reacts to) and stay with tried, tested and soft materials made out of wool, cotton, or angora like this adorable and playful H&M Cap with ears.

2. You want a snug “ not tight – fit

winter hats

Old Navy Women’s Softest Sweater Beanies – $14.94
Even though we love to show off when we’re having a good hair day, it can be very difficult to do so when the temperature goes so low that we can’t feel our ears anymore. So make sure to find a hat that fits snuggly on your head and covers your ears without being too tight. A great hat style that is sure to keep your head and hair protected is this simple and practical beanie from Old Navy that is also stylish enough to go with your casual workday attire.

3. Embrace different styles and shapes

Forever 21

Forever 21 Knotted Band Cloche “  $17.80
Like any accessory, you must be willing to experiment with different hat styles. Whether you try a different fabric or material or you take some inspiration from the runway, make sure to have at least one different fashionable hat this winter, along with your conventional hat. Try a different style like this Cloche hat that will make you feel feminine and a little Parisian, all while keeping your head warm.

4. Look for a hat that are woven, knitted or crochet styles

Zara Knitted Beanie with Pom Pom – $25.90
You may think this tip is completely about looking stylish “ but you’re wrong. Remember when your Grandma handmade a crochet sweater or mittens for you and for some reason it actually felt more warm and cozy than just a regular winter accessory? Well that’s because woven or crochet winter accessories really do make you feel warmer (of course, material plays a factor). Maybe you won’t find be able to find an exact replica of the hat your Grandma knit for you in Grade 7 but a lot of the top retailers are noticing the demand for these hats so much sure to grab yourself one while you can.

5. Think unconventional

Snow Leopard Trapper Hat – $19.90 – Garage
If you’re truly not a hat person and you never are going to be not matter how frostbitten your ears are, then there are other ways to keep your head warm – you just have to think out of the box. Earmuffs, wide headbands and turban-inspired hats are all good ideas (and also goes back to the tip about embracing different styles). And if you don’t prefer any of those options than give this all-around classic Trapper hat a try. It’s a trusted style and never fails during Canadian winters.


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