One Celeb, Four Looks: Alexa Chung

There are certain celebrities who embody genuine style, and regardless of trends, style guides and top ten lists, they maintain a unique fashion sense that most of us would like to mimic.  That’s why we’ve taken one of our favourite fashionistas, found four great looks and come up with ways you can achieve them.  This time, we’re featuring the lovely Alexa Chung, whose mix of designer pieces and thrift pieces have translated into a distinct aesthetic that’s open to interpretation by anyone with an eye for edge.

Look One “ Formal

Taking the classic 50s silhouette and mixing it this season’s clogs, Alexa’s established a refined yet nonchalant look, therefore preventing herself from looking too tailored, polished or professionally primped.  Sure, the bag may be a little off the mark, but the key to a trademark style is to embrace risks and gravitate towards what you like “ especially since nobody wants to match completely or look as though they live on the Upper East Side.

*Note: If clogs aren’t your thing, vintage ankle boots will balance out the daintiness of the dress perfectly “ and if you’re more comfortable wearing something slightly less fancy, a black mini-dress with a cinched waist will still balance the heaviness of your footwear.

Alexa Chung wearing a sleeveless black dress with opaque tights

Look Two “ Casual

The denim trend from last year hasn’t gone anywhere, so instead of opting for a tucked-in fitted blouse, go for the oversize dress shirt and pair it with leggings, jeggings or ultra-skinny jeans.  Since the key is to maintain a relatively proportioned silhouette, heavier footwear will balance the roominess of the top, while also adding an edge and prevent you from looking a little too 1996.

Ms. Chung may have opted for shoes and dress socks, but if you feel more comfortable in a punk rock ensemble, trade in the heels for slouchy ankle boots with a heavy heel.  And the best part?  By wearing a predominantly neutral ensemble, any bag will work perfectly.

Alexa Chung wearing a denim jacket and leggings

Look Three “ Casual (Night Out)

For drinks out with friends or an evening at a live show, taking a page out of the book of Alexa is ideal “ especially when it comes to pairing a relatively dressy shirt with distressed high-waisted vintage shorts.  The denim works to balance the delicacy of the silk, while the top’s slouchy properties make the look far more laid back “ thus perfect for a night on the town.

Rest assured your shorts don’t need to be as short, and tights underneath can work just as well (provided they’re slightly sheer), and if you prefer shoes to sandals, a flat boot or loafer will keep your ensemble looking chic.  Again, as you’re rocking mostly neutrals, any bag can finish off the look “ as can nearly any hairstyle or makeup combination.

Alexa Chung wearing a silk shirt and denim shorts

Look Four “ Semi-Formal

90s print dresses are all still the rage, and just because summer’s coming to a close doesn’t meant you have to stash them at the back of your closet.  Paired with a leather bomber and desert boots or chunky heels, you can easily take mini-dresses from summer to fall, and just like Alexa, you can dress them up significantly depending on your hair and makeup.

Change up your beauty regimen to reflect your outing “ so if you’re used to wearing your hair down, sport an updo with dramatic eye makeup, or flaunt red lips if you’re usually one for sheer gloss.  Also, the cooler the temperatures, the less it’s bare-legs appropriate, so rock detailed tights or even plain black to keep yourself looking autumn chic.

Alexa Chung wearing a leather jacket and a polka dot dress

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