Investment Dressing: The Pieces You Really Need

You’ve got just ten minutes to get ready — but when you open your closet, you haven’t got a thing to wear. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, but if you invest in a few key items for your wardrobe, you can avert a future fashion crisis.

1. A jacket that works for the office or a date.
It’s worth spending a bit extra on a classic jacket (we like black, grey or navy) that flatters every inch of you. The cut should nip in your waist, accentuate what needs to be accentuated, and camouflage everything else. Go for classic details — nothing too casual or too fancy — you want to be able to wear this with jeans as well as your nicest skirt.

2. Classic black pumps.
Go for a medium-height (about three inch) heel in a slender shape that’s not too flashy (but not too school-marmish, either). Skip the squared-off toes and look for ones that are either round or slightly pointy. These shoes should work for both a job interview or a date.

3. A winter coat.
If you live in a cold climate, a classic wool coat is a must. For warmer climates, think along the lines of a gorgeous, fitted trench. It’s worth spending a bit extra here, since you’ll be wearing it most of the time from November through March.

4. A bra that fits.
Go somewhere to be measured and fitted, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. Eight in ten women wear the wrong bra size, so finding out yours can make a huge difference in how your clothes look. You don’t want to ruin the look of your superb outfit with any sagging or bulging.

5. A go-anywhere handbag.
Think black leather, medium sized, without too much fancy detailing. Choose a shape that’s big enough to carry around your daytime essentials, but not so big that it looks sloppy. (It should also be chic enough to go out for dinner in a pinch.)

6. Jeans that make you look fantastic.
Everyone should own at least one pair of good quality jeans that make you look and feel fantastic. The most classic choice is a straight-legged pair in a dark rinse and without any embellishments. Shop around with a friend you trust until you find the right pair. Try different fits, skinny, low-rise, curvy, until you find the perfect pair.

7. A great dress.
Invest in a dress that you can throw on and feel great in — even on those dreaded fat days. You can’t go wrong with black, but if you can pull off a more show-stopping colour, like purple, go for it. This is for the cocktail party, the invitation to your ex’s engagement party, or any occasion that calls for making an impression.

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