How to Wear Winter Whites

The only white we see in the winter doesn’t have to be the snow on the ground! While it might seem difficult, tacky, or not entirely fashion-forward at times, wearing winter white is certainly acceptable as well as a bold, stark statement among all the darker colours being worn around this time of year.

However, there are a few tips to keep in mind if you don’t wish to look as if you’re in the completely wrong season and oblivious to the fact that it is February. Make sure that you avoid lighter materials such as summery linens, lace, or cotton, and keep your styling and accessorizing in mind as well. Combine your winter whites with bursts of colour throughout the outfit, and avoid wearing more than one white garment at a time. White footwear and jeans are also notoriously challenging to wear and wear well during winter, so tops, jackets, and accessories are your best bets at the moment.

Pashmina scarves: A gorgeous, soft white scarf stands out against a dark wool coat and looks striking on a bleak winter day as well. For those of you who are uncertain of this trend and wish to take smaller fashion risks, a scarf is a great way to add some white into a dull, more solemn cold-weather colour palette.

White cable-knits: A white V-neck or turtleneck dress looks striking when paired with dark-washed jeans and boots. It’s a foolproof way to wear winter white, as a thick cable-knit sweater is perfectly weather appropriate as well as being a lovely experimental colour.

Classic white button-down: A summertime favourite for many ladies in both casual and formal situations, the white dress shirt can be worn creatively in winter underneath other layers as well. Try pairing yours with a knit vest, shawl collar cardigan, or duster sweater in a rich colour (such as burgundy, teal, or turquoise) to make the white pop.

White wool: White outerwear is often difficult to care for and clean, but if you’re willing to stand out against the black and grey of standard winter coats, a white wool coat with bold metallic buttons might be the perfect trend to try (avoid white jean jackets or puffy bomber jackets). With a colourful scarf, high-heeled boots, and bold accessories to combat the softness of this angelic hue, you can guarantee that all eyes in the room will be on you.

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