How to Dress Like Selena Gomez

Our girl Selena Gomez is style #inspo on fleek (people say that, right?). Since releasing her album Revival and ditching Bieber, Selena has fully re-branded herself into a fashion it-girl and we’re digging it. Think Versace power suits to run errands and Givenchy thigh-high boots while hanging out with friends. Selena’s style high-fashion AF! So, how do normal human beings like us get her style? It’s possible! Keep reading to learn how to dress like Selena Gomez.

Show a little leg

Selena has a seriously hot pair of stems and she likes to show them off (who wouldn’t?). To get this look opt for dresses with slits, wrap skirts or minis.


Wear more red

Selena has definitely been sticking to a colour palette that’s dominated by bright and fiery reds. It’s a head-turning shade that is both classic and sexy.


Dig up your old jean miniskirts

Because they are back! And are also a constant in Miss Gomez’ wardrobe.


Embrace the turtleneck trend

Who really started this trend? Drake or Selena? The jury is still out on that one. But what we are sure of is that this trend is super chic.


Travel in style

Some of our favourite Selena looks happen at the airport. Whether it is a designer tracksuit and heels or a suede LBD, her style isn’t just reserved for red carpets.

selena airport style


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