Finding Your Perfect Match: Engagement Ring Edition

Engagement Ring
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By Alison McGill

Love month brings engagements galore, and a global jewelry authority is predicting 2024 will be known as the year of the proposal.

Signet Jewelers is one of the world’s largest diamond retailers (the company owns over 30 percent of the engagement jewelry market), and recently reported over the past few years it has been taking note of trends and insights with customers. During the pandemic, a dip in marriage proposals was noticed and this engagement gap has been directly attributed to the pandemic.

In 2024, a rebound effect has already taken hold with experts predicting a whopping 2.5 million proposals will happen this year, with engagements continuing to soar over the next three years. If you and your partner are talking about taking your relationship to the next step, you are also likely having the ring engagement ring chat and what your perfect piece looks like.

The great news today is there are so many engagement ring styles and stone choices (mined diamonds, lab diamonds, vintage diamonds and coloured gems to name a few), which means you can have an engagement ring that truly embodies you. Engagement ring shopping is now very much a collaborative process, as it should be; this is a precious piece you will wear every day. Not only should you love your engagement ring, but feel it perfectly encapsulates your personal style and your unique relationship.

I recently spoke with Erica Bianchini, founder and creative director of Ecksand, a Montreal-based brand loved for its ethical gems (Meghan Markle and Oprah are fans) for her expert intel on what to consider when it comes to finding and shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Below, she shares some valuable insights.

Finding Your Perfect Match- Engagement Ring Edition - Engagement Ring 1
ABOVE: Ecksand Bombé diamond ring, $5,525,

Understand Your Partner’s Style
“Look into their current jewelry collection and consider their fashion choices,” Bianchini shares. “Take note of any hints or comments they’ve made about rings, or any jewelry for that matter. While trends help with inspiration, the key is to align your chosen ring with their style and lifestyle, creating a timeless expression of love.”

Think About Hand Shape
“On top of factoring in their preferences for the cut of the stone (if you’re going for the diamond or precious stone route), tailor your engagement ring style choice to complement your partner’s hand shape,” Bianchini says. “Different cuts flatter varying hand shapes. For example, if they have petite fingers, consider round, princess, or oval cuts as seen on Simone Biles.”

Finding Your Perfect Match- Engagement Ring Edition
ABOVE: Ecksand round brilliant diamond halo ring, $3,396,

Embrace Creativity
“Challenge traditional styles by exploring unique and unconventional designs, alternative gemstones, or personalized engravings,” Bianchini explains. “Make the ring a reflection of your partner’s personality and style for a distinctive symbol of your partnership.”

 Consider Diamond Origin
“Opt for conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds, with lab-grown diamonds offering a visually identical yet Earth-friendly and cost-effective alternative to real diamonds,” Bianchini says. “Recycled diamonds, and recycled precious metals, are also an excellent eco-friendly choice that you can feel good about wearing.”

Finding Your Perfect Match- Engagement Ring Edition
ABOVE: Ecksand Toi et Moi sapphire and emerald ring, $6,715,


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