Finding Jeans For Your Body Type

Every woman feels incredible when slipping on the perfect pair of jeans that makes your waist, butt and legs look oh-so-perfect, such as Miranda felt on Sex and The City when she finally fits into her perfect jeans again. But sometimes finding a pair of jeans that flatters your body type is almost impossible as managing to pack your entire life in your handbag (which is possible, by the way). But never fear! See how you can find the best jeans for your body using this practical guide.

Petite and Sweet
Yes, petite woman may be short and sweet and can wear every high heel imaginable, but when it comes to finding jeans to fit short legs it can become an Olympic event. The key for shorter women is to focus on the inseam. The lower the inseam number is, the chances are that the jeans length will fit you better. Luckily, the options for finding an inseam that is proportion at waist and leg is much more likely with retail stores such as Forever 21 to J. Crew catering to ladies with shorter stems.  Another way to join the denim club without focusing too much on the leg length is to focus on the style of the jeans. Skinny jeans in a dark wash or coloured jeans are a great way to flatter the legs “ just ask actress and petite style muse Rachel Bilson, who is known for her love of coloured pants. Try colours such as emerald green or royal blues, which are go-to shades to try this fall.

Curvy and Gorgeous
Although they have curves in all the right places, curvy women often have trouble finding jeans to flatter their coveted body frame. Focus on where you want to accentuate your curves. If you have a curvy hips and a bigger behind, find a pair of jeans that fit nicely on the waistline with the back of the pants fitting not too tight on the buttocks. If it’s a bigger waist or stomach and a smaller or flat behind that is your shape, find jeans that are preferably high-waist and sit right below the belly button. This will eliminate muffin tops or spillage and still provide a stylish look. Another style tip? Skinny jeans may be in trend, but if you feel uncomfortable wearing them or they don’t flatter your body, skip it. There are many style options for curvier woman, such as Levi’s Classic Bold Curve Bootcut jeans that hug your waist, define your butt, hips and all your other curves, all while doing it all in style.

Tall and Leggy
Think tall women don’t have jean woes? Think again. They may be blessed with long legs that seem to go on forever, but for some tall women finding their perfect jeans can be troublesome, especially when it comes to finding jeans that don’t stop above their calves. If you’re a tall, beautiful women in this situation, focus on finding jeans that have inseams longer than 34, which can be easily found at most retail giant stores.  Even better are stores that are solely dedicated to taller women such as Long Tall Sally, who specialize in making jeans with leg lengths as long as 38, with sizes ranging from 2 to 22. But it isn’t just about length “ it’s also about detail. Whether it’s with stitched side pockets, a coated look or a gold button closure, details on the pants can make your otherwise just tall legs look that much better.

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