Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

Let’s face it, no outfit is going to zap unwanted weight, but at least there are a few tricks to create the illusion of a slimmer, leaner you.

Trick #1 Skip shiny fabrics

Steer away from shiny and flashy materials like satin, all-over sequins and metallics. Our eyes naturally focus on these lively pieces so if you’re trying to cover up unwanted bulge, you want to deter attention from those areas. Stick to one color “ thus creating an unbroken line. Try something dark like navy, black or charcoal. To add some pizzazz to the look, top it off with a colorful scarf or eye-catching pin.

Trick #2 Don’t go oversize or too tight

Hiding under baggy tops actually accentuates the body and makes you appear heavier. On the other hand, body-hugging clothes that stick to your silhouette will only highlight your problem areas. Find a happy medium, opt for body-skimming shirts that still show the contours of your natural curves while covering those less favorable parts at the same time.

Trick #3 Get fitted for the right bra size

Not only is wearing the proper bra size good for your health and posture, it’s also a key element to looking thinner. When straps or cups are too tight, the extra skin spills over.  All the rolls, dimples and other flaws you may be trying to hide suddenly become visible to everyone around you. The goal is to create a seamless, lifted look and the right cup shape and band size will do this. It will make your breasts look perkier, instantly define your waist and make you look better in virtually every piece of clothing you own.

Trick #4 Invest in a tailored black blazer

Tailored clothing is the epitome of sleekness. Investing in a tailored blazer goes a long way. It looks great with denim and pencil skirts — just remember they should be structured and fitted to the body, not tight. A good blazer should fall below your tummy or above your hip bone; with the right placement of seams and darts, this creates shape and therefore the illusion of a smaller waist and will m.  Can’t seem to get the right fit? Head to a tailor for best results.

Trick #5 Strap on some new heels

High heels accentuate the appearance of calves and make the entire leg look leaner and longer, all by changing the angle of the foot. For every inch the shoe is high, you appear two pounds lighter, but don’t overdo it. Four inches is the max, for the sake of your back (and your toes!).

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