Dear Average Male: A Guy’s Opinion on my Favourite Fashions

We all like to think we have a pretty good sense of style. We’ve spent our time on this earth testing and learning what looks good on us (skinny jeans aren’t for everyone, are they?) and what makes us feel good (for me, shiny jewelry and giant shirts). But what does the Average Male think of some of my favourite ensembles? It turns out when it comes to my fashion sense and the dude in my life, there’s a hung jury.

Chunky Necklace

Nora says: This is one of my favorite accessories, especially when paired with something really simple like this oversized men’s breton stripe shirt from American Apparel.
He says: It’s a little *much* don’t you think?

R - Average Male Jewelry 300x400

Winter Layers

Nora says: This coat is dramatic but functional. I feel like an Arctic Princess every time I wear it.
He says: Oh cool, you’re wearing a giant sleeping bag. That is not a compliment.

R - Average Male Layers 300x400

Cocktail Dress

Nora says: This J.Crew number is perfect for breaking out of the LBD rut for the upcoming Wedding Season. Can’t wait to shake it to the chicken dance in this concoction.
He says: That is a giant bow. I mean it’s giant. Where would you wear a dress with a giant bow?

R - Average Male Dress 300x400

Sequin Skirt

Nora says: Sequins are NOT just for New Year’s Eve. Sequins are for being sparkly, whatever the occasion may be.
He says: You’re the only disco ball I’ve ever wanted to make out with. That’s a compliment.

R - Average Male Sequin 300x400

What does your dude say about your favorite fashions?

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