The Best Bags for Summer

Big bags are finally cooling off. Sure, the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink totes that have ruled with fashionable hoarders (i.e., most women) for the past few years will always be around. Like an irritating uncle with a penchant for free hors d’oeuvres or a perpetually leaky faucet, they’re hard to shake once they’ve been in your life for so long. But this year, small bags are stepping up to the plate to fill our big-bag voids (figuratively, if not physically). Read on for our favourite picks for summer.

Sling Bags

Hands down, the hottest bag for summer. Sling bags are similar to messenger bags in their shape and that they go across the body, but they’re smaller. You can go casual with rounded bottom bags or more structured, square ones.

We love the Roots Mini Soft Saddle bag, $158 (left), but if you’re looking for a budget version, try Aldo’s Arbour bag (right) for a similar look at $35.

Roots mini saddle bag  Aldo shoulder bag


With or without a strap, baguettes aren’t just for evening any more. They’re big enough to carry your wallet, keys and a few key beauty products, but you can carry them for extended periods of time without getting aching shoulders.

The La Diva clutch from Town Shoes, $128, comes with a detachable chain and is easily accessible with a front lock clasp.

Town Shoes baguette

Foldover Clutches

This one’s a great all-occasion bag. It has plenty of space when unfolded if you need to carry more during the day, but transfers to become a cute clutch when folded up for night.

The Nine West Impanema Foldover Clutch, $69, also shows off the diamond pattern that’s hot this spring with leather cutouts.

Nine West Impanema foldover


In a melee of swing-˜em-on-your-shoulder (not like a continental soldier) bags, sometimes you need a little structure. The satchel’s timeless and has just scaled down for summer. Choose a more manageable-sized satchel (i.e., one that can’t act as a shield for your torso) for a great carryall.

The Aldo Bazer Satchel, $45, is the perfect candidate to double for work or play with its professional detailing and classic ivory colour.

Aldo Bazer satchel

Sympatico Image


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