The Annual Closet Purge

Between the gift cards, the Boxing Day sales and the presents themselves, odds are that you scored some wicked fashion finds throughout the festive season. But now that January’s upon us and fresh starts are the name of the game, it’s time to sift through your closet and make room for your many Christmas finds. But fear not, we’ve got you covered: here’s our guide to the annual wardrobe purge “ because after all, we’ve all seen Hoarders, and we know how it ends.

6 “ 12 month rule
It’s time to face the harsh reality: if you haven’t worn something in six months, you’re probably not going to wear it again. Of course, seasonal relevance applies, but even if you stretch six month to a year, you’re still likely keeping items around just in case. Why? If you love something, you never have to justify wearing it, so odds are that if you actually put the piece on, you’d spend most of the day in ugh “ why did I wear this? mode.

Conditional pieces
In the spirit of the six-month rule, if you’re holding onto items for the day you lose weight/gain weight/return to your love of super low rise flared jeans, it’s time to let go. By purging your wardrobe of unnecessary items, you’re living in the present by acknowledging what you have, what you wear and what you have room for. And when you reach the size you want (or velour tracksuits come back into rotation “ that’s right, it’s time to purge them), that’s what a well-deserved shopping spree’s for.

If you can’t wrap your head around losing hundreds of dollars via an old-fashioned wardrobe sweep, think of who you may be helping by donating your old threads. It’s not only vintage aficionados who peruse the racks of thrift stores, and shops like Salvation Army and Value Village donate their earnings to well-deserving charities who go on to help countless numbers of families. Suddenly donating that never-been-worn blazer doesn’t seem so out of the question, does it?

One in, one out
Many avid shoppers abide by a single rule: one in, one out. Meaning? Upon the purchase of one item, an old item needs to make its way into the donation box. Of course, if you legitimately need new t-shirts or you’ve picked up a staple item to incorporate into the rest of your collection, you’re safe. But if you’ve just made sense of your Christmas hall and are sifting through love and love a lot, odds are you don’t need yet another cashmere sweater, and one circa 2007 can make its escape. 

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