Allbirds Is Launching An Underwear Collection Made From Sustainable Materials

Allbirds, known for its best-selling wool sneakers, is getting into the apparel business!

Allbirds recently expanded beyond shoes with the release of sustainable socks, and now the San Francisco-based brand has released their next wardrobe basics: Allbirds Undies, which are made with natural materials where you need them most.

Most brand name underwear that you will pick up at the mall are actually riddled with oil and chemicals. (99% of cotton is grown using harsh pesticides, and virgin nylon is made from petroleum) Staying true to their sustainable roots, Allbirds new collection of undies are made with ethically sourced wool and recycled plant parts.

Allbirds Trino Undies for women come in four different styles (Thong, Brief, Shortie, Bralette) and are available in seven different colours (Aloe, Boulder, Malibu, Nimbus, Raincloud, Storm, Wheat). All women items are available in sizes XS – 3XL.

Allbirds Trino Undies for women (and Allbirds Undies for men) are available now at Prices range from $21 – $42 CAD.

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