AIR MILES and IRIS Team Up to Give You Stylish Eyewear

These days, eyewear is another accessory to complement your outfit. Everyone has their own style, but no one wants to compromise on the quality of their vision. That’s why AIR MILES has partnered with IRIS The Visual Group to give you the opportunity to redeem reward miles instantly from your AIR MILES Cash balance toward your next pair of eye glasses or contact lenses!

IRIS offers eyewear for the whole family, and with a variety of fashion-forward brands, including Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Vera Wang, there are options that will reflect everyone’s personal style.

As an AIR MILES Cash Sponsor, IRIS lets you redeem instantly toward your purchase right at the check-out. It only takes 95 AIR MILES Cash reward miles to get $10 off!

At IRIS you can redeem AND earn reward miles by using an AIR MILES-affiliated credit card to earn with each purchase and take advantage of Bonus offers. IRIS has more than 165 locations across Canada, offering quality products and personalized service. Optometrists at every location provide comprehensive eye health and vision exams while working with a team of eye care professionals to help you experience better vision.

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Which IRIS Frames Suit You Best? Check Out These Celebs Sporting Similar Looks!

Celebrities Who Wear Glasses - IRIS Eyewear

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