90s Style Done Right: Saved By The Bell Style

Let’s set the record straight: Lisa Turtle did not go to the Fashion Institute in New York City for nothing. The 90’s are back in a big way, and what better group of girls to take a cue from than the three that ruled the halls of Bayside High. Don’t let the ongoing quest for Zack, Slater and the caffeine pills fool you. Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, and Lisa Turtle taught us everything we need to know about what to do with bold prints, Keds and crop tops. Lest we forget their contribution to ultimate 90’s fashion dominance, and the sales of Dippity-Do gel.

Capture Kelly’s popular-girl-next-door style with crop tops paired with florals or light denim. Better yet: light floral-printed denim. If you want to tone it down, pair this look with a woven flat. Lisa, resident fashion maven didn’t let her flair go unnoticed. With bold prints (she never feared the beasts – leopard and cheetah), tight shorts and big shoulders, she was a force in the hallways. A printed romper with a cute loafer and embellished accessories are right up her alley. Not to be forgotten, Jessie Spano may have been the hidden gem at Bayside. From her washed out jeans, big blazers and bigger hair bows, Jessie cared more about grades than bringing her fashion A-game but we think she gets big marks for effortless 90’s style.


saved by the bell 90

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