5 Ways to Make Short Legs Look Longer

We'd all love legs that go on for miles, but the truth is, except for a lucky few, most of us are lacking in the length department. Photoshop can give your gams those extra inches, but what can help in the real world? Consider this a bit of fashion magic: we discovered the top styling tricks that will help you fake that statuesque look. So follow these tips and stand tall! 

1. Choose your shoes wisely 
One of the simplest ways to add length to your legs is to slip on a pair of high heels. A heel will not only give you extra height, it also creates the illusion of a shapelier, elongated leg. Choose skinny heels over clunky ones, and open-toed over closed. Avoid ankle boots and ankle straps — they cut off the line of the leg, making even long legs look shorter. Not a fan of high heels? Look for flats with a pointy toe or a slight wedge heel. 
2. Match your shoes to your pants or hosiery 
A monochromatic look creates a clean line and draws the eye upwards. Match your shoes to your hosiery and pants, and if you really want to create a long look, carry the colour throughout your entire outfit. Stick to dark or muted colours to maintain a lean look all over. 
3. Slip on a dress 
Dresses and skirts can hide where the leg starts, as long as you pick the right style. Look for straight or A-line skirts to trick the eye, but avoid tight or tapered styles. Skirts with vertical details, like a pinstripe, will intensify the effect and add even more artificial inches. 
4. Hem the right way 
Whether you’re wearing pants, skirts or dresses, your hemline goes a long way to creating that leggy look. Trousers and jeans should be hemmed to graze the floor—which means pants paired with heels should be too long to wear with flats, and pants paired with flats should be too short for most heels. Skirt hems should end just above the knee. A good tailor is your best asset for achieving that lanky look. 
5. Watch your waist 
Avoid dropped waistbands and low-waist pants. Trick people into thinking your legs start at a higher point by choosing a high waist. Maximize this look by tucking your shirt into your waistband or by avoiding shirts that hang too far below the waistband.  

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