5 Tips For Throwing A Holiday Bash On A Budget

On hosting duties for this years family holiday party but your wallet doesn’t seem to want to budge? Here are five super helpful tips for planning an epic holiday bash without breaking the bank.

1. Serve a signature cocktail

Instead of doling out a ton of cash providing all different types of drinks, have some beer on-hand and then mix up a signature cocktail for the night. Most of your guests will be kind enough to turn up with at least a bottle of wine, so if guests really want some vino you should be able to cover them. Pro tip: A winter sangria is a great way to liven up a cheap boxed wine but still tasty enough to keep guests happy.

2. Buy in bulk

Don’t know someone with a Costco membership? Then now is the time to start making new friends. Stick to a staple menu of a few items and then stock up on higher quantities of less items — it will help ensure that your guests are well fed without leaving you in debt.

3. Make it a potluck

Turning your holiday party into a potluck endeavour will not only place some ease on your wallet but also on your time. Everyone gets that cash can be tight around the holidays so very few people will bat an eye at the suggestion of everyone pitching in. A welcome suggestion is often to provide the biggest item of the evening (maybe a hearty stew or a simple pasta) along with a few small appetizers, like a cheese plate and a veggie platter, and then ask your guests to provide additional appetizers, salads, sides and desserts.

4. Keep decorations limited

If you know that a majority of your guests will be hanging out around the food table in the dining room then focus on doing most of the decorating there. Seasonal plates and napkins, a festive coloured table cloth, some garland and mistletoe and you should be set. Don’t go overboard; not only is it unnecessary it can get expensive fast. Pro tip: Plan to have your food table near your Christmas tree. It’s a simple way to bring the spirit into the room without even having to invest in much else.

5. Add easy style

Wrap up sturdy empty boxes in holiday coloured paper and utilize them on your table to showcase food and add dimension to your table. Place unscented white tea candles all over the rooms to add atmosphere and a touch of elegance. Create a gorgeous centrepiece out of extra bulbs that didn’t make your tree this year or pick up any pinecones you see in the weeks leading up to the party “ once cleaned they make a stunning addition to any winter-esque holiday setting.

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