For Love or Money?

“Now I ain’t saying’ she’s a¦”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. She? What about HE? Sure, ladies, we often get the bad rep from men about money-chasing, penny-pinching and all that jazz. But what if you are one of them fiercely independent women who is bringing home a good (or GREAT) pay cheque, you’ve got your finances in order, and you’ve got a place to call your own? How do you make sure that your new guy isn’t out to get his sticky fingers all over what you’ve worked so hard for? By knowing the signs that your man is gold-digging, of course. And these are them…

1. He never seems to have his wallet
Sure the first few weeks are all sunshine and rainbows and romance. He takes you out for lavish dinners (on him) and to the most exclusive hotspots with all the trimmings (also on him) but then slowly, as everything starts to get a little more serious, suddenly those dates become fewer and for between. And suddenly he never seems to have his wallet. Or he’s forgotten his credit card. Or he’s “outta cash”. Hmmmm…

2. He’s minimal in the generosity department
Come on, gold digger or not, every girl like to be showered with a lil somethin’-somethin’ every now and then from her man, am I right ladies? Whether it be something simple like flowers and a card or something more extravagant like diamonds and pearls, if your man isn’t dishing out at least a little bit of dough on you (especially on special occasions!) then you can consider yourself to be buying your own gifts from here on out.

3. He looks down on your duds
Think about it — he likes to spend money. Lots of money. Why? Because he wants to look like he has money (even if it’s yours and not his). So when you turn up in sale section shoes, an off the rack dress and an H&M handbag, you can bet that man is going to be turning up his nose at turning up at the club with you. And that’s when you should be turning AWAY from him.

4. He has no regard for your savings
Your $50,000 student loans? Your cable bill? Your mortgage payment? These are all things in your life that you need to take responsibility for. If your guy doesn’t sympathize with you trying to save some money and cut some costs to make sure you can live on a month-to-month basis, and is only concerned how it is going to affect him, not you, then clearly he doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Ditch that dude.

5. Every conversation starts (and ends) with money
We all know that communication is key for a new (or long standing) couple. This includes a wide and varied variety of topics and the expectation that the other partner will listen and remember those intricate little details you discuss on a day-to-day basis. If the only thing your man ever seems to remember about your conversations is your bank balance and your PIN number — it’s time to find a new man, sweetheart.

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