Budget Friendly Summer Dates

When the weather gets warmer, we can’t help but dream about all the fun things we’ll do with our significant other this season. Visions of romantic picnics, strolls along the boardwalk, and bicycles built for two dance in our heads.

Well forget the traditional ideas you had about splitting ice cream cones and cuddling in the back seat at the drive-in (although those are all lovely thoughts). Try out some of these date ideas to keep things fun and exciting within a budget.

Outdoor market shopping
Cost: Pretty Cheap
Activity Level: Light Walking
Fun Level: You never know what you’ll find
The nice thing about farmers and flea markets is that it’s like a big day of discount shopping that doesn’t require convincing your man to go to the mall. The prices are also going to be low for most of the stuff you will find (like perfumes and colognes no longer being made, vintage video games, and delicious preserves). Buy some special treats and have an impromptu picnic or just enjoy looking at some of the strange crafts and “As Seen On T.V.” useless items that are sure to abound. Be sure to get there early to avoid a huge crowd on weekends.

Go to an amusement park or fair
Cost: Can get a bit pricey
Activity Level: Light walking
Fun Level: Amazing – unless you get motion sickness
Amusement parks and fairs are not just for kids. Feel young again as you ride some of your old favourites or watch your guy struggle to win you an oversized teddy bear by throwing a dart at a balloon. Usually weekdays offer special discounts, like loonie or bracelet days where you can ride for less. Don’t forget to leave room for cotton candy! Bring some Gravol, just in case and enjoy bring harassed by carnies.

Hiking or biking
Cost: Next to nothing – unless you need to rent any equipment
Activity Level: Moderate to heavy depending on the trail
Fun Level: Getting in tune with nature can feel really good
It can be tough to convince your technology-addicted boyfriend that time outdoors is what you need. Just promise you’ll wear short shorts and tight top and see if you can’t coax him out to the nearest park or nature trail. Taking a bike ride or walk gives you a chance to get in some exercise while enjoy the great outdoors together. Pack a light lunch for when you finish the trail and remember to encourage each other along the way! It beats sweating it out with strangers at the gym.

Always remember to gauge your partner’s interest in physical activity before attempting any of these ideas and keep a lookout for local events and concerts to enjoy before the cold weather returns.

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