What’s Wrong With Our Generation?

A lot of us tend to over-romanticize the past — at least in terms of fashion, beauty, and the fact that Ugg boots worn with jogging pants were not a thing. Well, fellow lovers of looking put-together, Valentino is on our side.

According to Vogue UK, Valentino shared his dislike of modern fashion recently. Particularly the lack of heart that goes into designing.

“Few people love and make beautiful clothes, clothes that are soft, smooth, and elegant,” he said. “And very few designers today design — it’s very important to be able to do your own sketch on paper and then [explain] your vision to fabric cutters. Instead, lots of designers drape — it’s the new way.”

Well, maybe we can relate to the first half. (And any designers, if you’re out there, maybe you can relate to the second.)

Valentino’s been able to look back because of an exhibition of his that will take place in England tonight. And when speaking about it, he credits Jackie O — the former First Lady whose wedding dress he designed — with making him the designer he is today.

Well when you juxtapose Jackie over a few of today’s trends . . . yeah, I can see how neon doesn’t exactly scream “elegance.”



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