*NSYNC Are Getting Back Together!

It was too hard to choose just one line from an *NSYNC song to begin this paragraph, so I'll just make it simple: *NSYNC are reuniting for the VMAs, and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. (Yeah, I'm #TeamNSYNC — deal with it, BSB fans!)

According to Rolling Stone, the five-piece will be taking the stage during Sunday's ceremonies for a "special performance." While details of the performance have been kept under wraps, Timberlake just concluded his tour with Jay-Z, so maybe this signal some sort of short-term reunion in the spirit of the Spice Girls or the Backstreet Boys. (Or more realistically, it's for ratings. But still! Let me have this.)

Timberlake is currently tied with Macklemore for the most VMA nominations, and will also be receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award on Sunday, too. A rep couldn't be reached, but that hasn't stopped anyone here (me) from shouting "I love you, J.C.!" as I type this. (Yes, J.C. I liked J.C. the best — again, let me have this.)

This is especially awesome since *NSYNC seems like the least-likely band to reunite — especially since they haven't performed together since 2001, and Lance Bass recently told Life & Style that getting back togethr wasn't going to happen.

"I don't think we're doing anything," he said. "I don't think [a reunion] would happen. Everyone is doing their own thing. Justin's doing his thing. I don't think he would have a moment off to record an *NSYNC album. He's the busy one."

Suuuuure, Bass. Blame it on Timberlake. But more specifically: this news is terrific. Thank you, VMAs and '90s nostalgia.


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