The Influence of Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's got style, and we all know that. But did you think her "Les Miserables" haircut — yes, the one she received via razor on-screen while she wept and sang — was voted the most influential movie haircut. (Seriously.)

According to Marie Claire UK, a poll of 1000 people by the Hairdressing Council of Great Britain and Universal Pictures voted Ms. Hathaway's hair above Jennifer Aniston's "Along Came Polly" look, followed then by Audrey Hepburn's 1963 updo in "Charade" and Veronica Lake's "The Blue Dahlia" waves.

Evidently, one in ten women opted for a haircut after watching "Les Miserables," which is relatively surprising — especially since Anne herself has spoken out about the haircut as a particularly traumatizing experience. However, the Oscar winner's award show looks clearly demonstrated how versatile and timeless a pixie cut is. Just promise us this: if you're thinking of getting one yourself, go to an actual hairdresser. (But absolutely still sing.)

What movie hairstyles do you think the poll overlooked?


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