29 Things We’ve All Said to Mom

Do you ever think about all the conversations you’ve had with your mom? Maybe some are more prominent in that little noggin of yours. Maybe there are some you’d love to forget, but still, they happened. We all can attest to having bitter moments (OK rage moments!) and other mothers have been there to scold us and hold us when we need it, it’s part of life. In honour of Mother’s Day 2017, we thought to look back at some of those comments, sayings, questions and random sayings we’ve all, at some point probably said (even if we hate to admit it).

Here are 29 of those famed words to recall:

1. No, that’s not what I said. I know what I said.

2. Did you move my stuff or something?

3. What do you think of him? Cute?

4. I promise I’m not lying (most likely lying)

5. I’ll do that later.

6. Can you leave poultry out for a couple of hours?

7. Mom, this looks… off.

8. I’m in so much pain, help.

9. Do you know where the copy of my birth certificate is?

10. So, let’s just sit and chat.

11. You do it better though.

12. Since when am I allergic to penicillin?

13. I need you.

14. I’ll pay you back, like soon-ish.

15.  I had like one drink. Maybe two.

16. Can I just use your Visa instead? Mine’s… full.

17. Thank you for helping me.

18. What’s that trick you taught me again?

19. Have I told you lately that I love you?

20. Where do I get a sewing kit?

21. How long do you cook [insert any food, meal, dessert, etc.] for?

22. Can you drive me, now?

23. You look beautiful. You’re beautiful.

24. Or you called? When? My phone was on silent sorry.

25. You remember John, I dated him 10 years ago, remember? The guy who lived on that street by the park? You know?

26. Can I borrow your sweater, curling iron, conditioner? I’ll be quick.

27. Please tell me you have tampons.

28. Don’t tell dad though, promise? No seriously.

29. I’m so not like you at all (inside knowingly aware you are)

And, don’t forget the most important: Happy Mother’s Day!

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