Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Moms

Your BFF might be a new mom, but her kids are a still few years away from being able to prepare breakfast in bed for her. Here are some gift ideas to pamper your friend!

Mani Pedi

She might have her hands tied, but that shouldn’t stop her from looking her best. If she’s too busy to visit the salon, get her a mani-pedi kit in a cute makeup bag filled with organic, toxin-free nail polish like Scotch Naturals or Acquarella, so that painting her nails won’t hurt her young child. Pick up a few summery hues (hot pink for toes, light pink or beige as a neutral and a fun teal for special occasions), along with a buffer and pedicure cream to complete the set.



If your best friend clogs up your Instagram or Facebook feed with updates on her tot, give her something concrete to take those memories from pixels on a screen to a sweet memento in her home. Stickygram will turn her Valencia-filtered baby into a magnet for her fridge, or you can even make an adorable phone case so she can show off her child wherever she goes.


Everyone has their favourite robe, and it’s likely that it’s stained, frayed and fuzzed out. Give her an upgrade with a new one in a fun neon or pretty pastel. A soft fleece is snuggly for her and her baby, while a light organic cotton, bamboo or modal version is perfect for the summer months. Bonus points if you can find one with a couple pockets to help her keep necessities on hand!

Personalized jewelry

Alex & Ani Charm Bracelet

Jewelry featuring personalized pendants and initials are everywhere, it’s as if the friendship bracelet or sorority rings have transformed into dainty, elegant pieces any woman can wear. Get a long silver necklace and find charms that represent your friendship or her new motherhood. A charm of her college’s mascot to remind her of where your friendship began, an initial of her child, or a glass bead to represent her baby’s birthstone are all cute baubles to add to a chain. Another trendy option is jewelry brand, Alex & Ani, where she can stack bracelets that are sentimental. Each bracelet is made of recycled metal, so it’s good for the earth too!


At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like soaking in the tub to relax. Pamper your friend, and make bathtime fun for her and her little one. Pick up some pretty pastel bath bombs and place them in a clear large jar that she can keep on display. Add a luxe candle in a sweet floral scent, as well as a bottle of essential oils (a great natural air freshener) so that she can enjoy some “me-time”. Give her little one something too with a cute rubber ducky or a set of bathtub paints to let the little one get creative.

Growth chart

A really cool DIY that your friend will cherish is a rustic, wood growth chart. Instead of letting her scrawl her kid’s growth with pens on their wall, pick up a piece of reclaimed wood or visit a hardware store to find a miscellaneous piece of unfinished wood flooring. Pick up inexpensive acrylic paint, and stencil on your friend’s child’s name in pretty lettering, along with ruler guides. This is great as she can take it with her if they end up moving into a larger home, and it can be leaned against a bookshelf for a cool design element.


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