Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

She’s the hostess with the mostest and now you’ve got to gift her with the bestest. But how can you get her something that is more original than your standard scented candle, homemade pie, or bottle of booze? Why, like this, of course…


Wine Tasting Decanter Set

The perfect gift for the hostess with a flair for unique, this wine tasting decanter set is a great way to allow guests to test out all the wines your host has on offer. The set comes with three mini clear glass decanters that perfectly display 1/3 of a bottle of wine and presents them on a gorgeous natural slate tray. Available at

Wine decanter

Owl Cookie Jar

There are two things that seem to be in style for everyone right now: owls and cookies. Finding a way to combine the both, in the form of an adorably chic owl cookie jar filled with homemade cookies will be all kinds of a win-win. Some of the cutest jars we’ve seen can be found in-store at Anthropologie or online at

Anthropologie owl canister

Tiered Cupcake Stand

Bringing cupcakes to your host’s potluck party? Set them up on an affordable but adorable cupcake stand (they can range anywhere from $15-$40 at places like HomeSense) and then when the party is over, tell the hostess that the stand is hers to keep!

House Cleaning Service

You know those wonderful cheap deal services that are all over the place these days? Keep your eyes peeled for ones for house cleaning companies and then stock up. When you know you have a party coming up, call ahead and let the hostess know that your gift will be arriving the next day to clean up the mess. She will be eternally grateful. We promise.

A Vase of Fresh Blooms

Sure, it’s not the most unique thing in the world but nothing can liven up a winter home like some colourful fresh flowers. Drop them into a pretty and price-friendly vase and you’ve got a beautiful gift that will be appreciated by all at the party. Head to Ikea for some nice, budget-friendly vase that no one will ever know you got so cheap!

Hostess flowers

Anything from Etsy

When in doubt, if you want something unique and creative for your holiday hostess gifts this year, plan ahead and start checking out Etsy. The marketplace for all things homemade is the perfect place to shop for gifts that will be sure to impress and are unlikely to be duplicated!

Handmade soap

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