5 Awesome Non-Journal Gifts for Writers

If there's a writer on your list you've maxed out your journal quotient with in holidays passed, don't stress. You can still inspire their writerly passions with a creative, personalized gift. These 5 ideas are a little more inspired than a journal, more personal than a bookstore gift certificate, and way more fun to give and receive than any of the above.

A thesaurus 

Merriam Webster beats thesaurus.com any day. Having a hardcover thesaurus on the bookshelf is a novelty keepsake as much as it's a practical gift for the writer who's interested in expanding their vocabulary.


Seal and wax

Sealing letters with a personalized wax stamp takes an envelope from zero to hero. Reminiscent of Victorian era stylez, seals are pretty and also functional. Wax was traditionally used to verify that a document was unopened, to verify the sender's identity, and as a decoration. Collecting different colour waxes and unique stamps is seriously addictive.  

Wax seal

Vintage typewriter

If you're willing to splurge for a really close friend, having a typewriter (that actually works) is a writers dream. If you've got a trust worthy flea market close by or are Etsy / Ebay savvy, scour around for an antique one.

Vintage typewriter

Good coffee

Stick a pack of top-quality, local coffee beans in a bulbous, comforting mug with some fun fixings (hot chocolate, chocolate covered spoons, or tea), and you've got your own little gift basket. If coffee keeps them perky while they worky, they'll be wide-eyed with gratitude.

Good coffee

Laptop case

A skin for your writer friends' Mac is a crucial protector for trekking to school, work, or the coffee shop. Get one tailor to their needs and style by a local crafter who's style your friend will dig. Better yet, DIY! Laptop cases are surprisingly easy to make from felt, bubble wrap and druct tape, or even a moleskine journal. 

Laptop case

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