10 Cute Presents for Your Favourite Pet Lover

We all have that one friend who loves their pet a little too much. They always bring their puppy around, or talk about their cat as if it's their newborn baby. Maybe you even got a Christmas card signed from your friend and their dog. This holiday, indulge their obsession with their furry friend with a gift for their dog/cat/fish, or a cute keepsake that reminds them of their best bud. 


Pet Gift Guide

1. Needlepoint Emoji Cat, $35 from Drake General Store

2. Wool dog toy, $11 from Crate and Barrel

3. Fish Hotel, $35 from Umbra

4. Cat Scratch DJ, $35 from ThinkGeek

5. Reversible Down Pet Vest, $34 from Lands’  End

6. Labrador Retriever 8×10 print, $20 from Berkley Illustration

7. Weiner Dog Catch-All Dish, $14 from Urban Outfitters

8. Cat Cabin, $36 from Design Boom

9. Cat Parade Phone Case, $10 from Forever 21

10. Crazy Cat Lady mug, $10 at Urban Outfitters


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