The Top 5 Beauty Products You Need in Your Handbag

Beauty emergencies can happen anywhere. Whether you’re toting the latest Louis Vuitton messenger bag or a basic satchel from H&M, these handbag essentials are every girl’s go-to for beauty gone bad.


Got an errant eyebrow hair? Splinter? Hangnail? Let your tweezers do triple-duty. For a beauty tool that takes up very little room in your purse, these come in handy in many beauty emergencies.

Nail file

Trying to ignore a nail in need of filing is like trying to ignore an arrogant drunk guy at a bar”it doesn’t go away, no matter how much you try to pretend it’s not there. Instead of standing idly by while your nail snags on everything from your clothes to your cocktail napkin, make sure you have a nail file in your handbag”just keep it in a protective case to avoid spreading germs in your purse.


Every girl has a love-hate relationship with her favourite high heels: they give you killer legs and a confidence boost, but painful blisters are often part of the deal, too. For a night on the town, practice preventative beauty by applying bandages to blister-prone areas and slipping extras in your clutch for re-application (and for friends). For every day, keep a steady supply in your purse for everything from paper cuts to hangnails.

Oil-absorbing sheets

A long day at the office can mean more than fatigue. Oil build-up over the course of the day is never pretty, especially if you’ve got after-work plans. Keep some oil-absorbing sheets on hand to blot away excess shine, or to prep before re-applying makeup. They’re also an absolute necessity if you have bangs.

Lip balm

Cracked, parched or dry lips need constant lip balm protection, especially in the dry winter months. Keep your pout pretty and lips kiss-ready with a refreshing peppermint balm that soothes and heals while smelling fresh.

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