Stop Doing These Things You To Your Hair

According to a British survey conducted by Tresemme, the average woman spends $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime(!). Salon visits, tools and products can add up in a major way–for some of us, to the tune of about one year’s income. That said, making a point to protect your strands is super important if you want to keep that spend to a minimum. So heed our advice, and don’t make these mistakes when it comes to your hair.

Frying your hair with too-hot tools
Turning your straightener or curling iron up to the maximum setting will certainly save you time in the morning, but in the long run, it’ll fry your hair, leading it to dry out. Keep it the lowest setting you can, and keep the tool moving when you’re using it (if you every smell burning, your tools are too hot!). If you can swing it, ditch your iron and embrace no-heat hairstyles this summer.

Not using a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner
If you get your hair coloured regularly and you’re not protecting it with the right shampoo and conditioner, you’re neglecting to make the most of the money you drop at the salon. Investing in a proper shampoo and conditioner combo will ensure your colour has the staying power you want.

Overwashing your hair
Your hair follicles produce natural oils that your hair needs to stay healthy. Washing it too much strips it of those oils, making it susceptible to breakage and dryness. Washing about three to four times a week is sufficient for oily hair, while two to three times a week is better for thin, dry hair. In between washes, use dry shampoo to freshen things up.

Skipping conditioner on the regular
Conditioner helps lock in moisture and helps keep it protected. If you skip this key step regularly, it will eventually become noticeable, at least at the ends. Condition your hair from root to tip (or just the ends if you’re on the oily side), and rinse completely with cool water before you get out of the shower.

Using broken hair ties
When your elastic breaks and the rubber elastic bit gets exposed, it’s bound to lead to breakage. Don’t stress out your hair by keeping it restricted in one of these. Go for cloth or metal-free elastics for a gentle tie or simply wear it loose.

Not protecting hair from the sun
Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from harsh UV rays in the summer. Over-exposure can damage the hair cuticle and lead to dryness and frizziness. See our top picks for products to provide sun protection for your hair.

Keeping hair tied up all the time
Keeping your hair up–especially if you’re a tight top-knot kind of person, can be tough on your scalp and hair. The constant tension could damage the follicle, eventually leading your hair to actually start falling out (scary, but true). Do NOT tie up your hair when it’s wet (as it’s more susceptible to damage). Want to keep your hair out of your face? Toss it back into a braid.

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