Product Of The Week: Wander Beauty B.O.M. Voyage Cleansing Balm

You know those women who wake up in the morning, shower, rub some sort of lotion or cream onto their face and call it a day…because they can? Because they’re effortlessly beautiful and chic and, probably, French. Yeah. That’s not us.

We definitely gravitate towards the effortless beauty part though, which explains our newfound love for Wander Beauty’s B.O.M. Voyage Cleansing Balm.

Loaded with jojoba seed, evening primrose oil and pear fruit extract, this nourishing cleanser washes away the day’s dirt and grime three different ways. First, the soothing balm melts off our makeup (remember, we’re not lotion-and-go girls) before it transforms into a luxurious oil that nourishes our skin. Last but not least, it rinses our skin clean with it’s gentle milky texture, leaving not a spec of dust behind. As for the formula’s after-effects? They’re seemingly effortless too, because as soon as we pat our face dry our skin looks clean, feels soft, it glows and it is smooth to the touch.

Plus, it was oh so easy to achieve. Just a pea-sized dollop amount emulsified between our hands, massaged across our face and washed off. With just one cleansing product we are literally calling it day. If only our morning beautification routine were this easy.

Wander Beauty B.O.M. Cleansing Balm, US$45, available online at


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