Product Of The Week: Sun Bum Beach Formula Shampoo

We have wavy (our hair stylist calls it textured) hair. So we’re in constant flux of never knowing what our hair is going to look like at any given moment Monday through Sunday. Sometimes it’s curly, mostly it’s not. Never is it truly straight, not even when flat ironed, which eww gross, is so not worth the time because it makes our hair look ghostly thin. Add a little humidity and we’ve got a poufy frizz. Yet, when we counter it with an alcohol-based product, our hair is instantly parched. We wear a lot of ponytails.

Although less lately. We’ve been washing with Sun Bum Beach Formula Shampoo (and following up with its conditioner and detangler) for a week now and we can see and feel the difference.

No, we don’t have soft ringlet curls and we’ll never have a swingy Bay Watch tousle, but we do have more manageable hair. The shampoo formula’s inclusion of coconut oil infuses our style with a soft and smooth shine. Nutrient-rich quinoa, bananas and sunflower seed oil help each strand stay healthy and strong, while cleansing away chlorine, pollution, oil, dirt and grime. Its paraben-, silicone- and cruelty-free too, we so definitely appreciate that and all we have to do to reap the rewards is to wash a dollop of Beach Formula whenever we feel like having a good hair day.

Sun Bum Beach Formula Shampoo, $14.99, available online at

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