Product Of The Week: Revolution Beauty London Bright Lights Highlighter in “Devine Pink”

The Beatles may have coined the phrase: you say you want a revolution, but we’re affirming it by humming the tune every time we swipe on a little of Revolution Beauty London’s Bright Lights Highlighter. It has become our go-to when we want and, if we’re being completely honest, when we need some extra radiance on our face.

Renowned for reflecting light to accentuate the features of our face that we want to draw attention to, adding a highlighter into our makeup routine gives our look more polish, as well as an effortless touch of glam. Even when we’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

We tend to apply a touch of the shimmery colour to our cheekbones, but it can be dabbed anywhere, such as down the bridge of our nose, above our brow bones and on the cupid’s bow of our lips too. Sometimes, we even rub the stick’s sponge applicator across our eyelids for a sheer sheen. That’s because the highlighter is super versatile with four great shades: Beam Pink’s light frosting of pink, Champagne’s neutral cream and baby pink, Radiant Bronze’s golden metal and our current favourite, Devine Pink’s dusty rose. They’re fun to mix and match as well, as each one is infused with quartz and gives our skin a pretty and luminous glow.

Along with this revolutionary double-whammy of great looking skin, you know, that looks fresher, younger and like its lit from within, Bright Lights is also vegan and cruelty free. So not only do we feel great and have on-point cheekbones our makeup choice is one we can confidently get behind.

Revolution Beauty London Bright Lights Highligter in Beam Pink, Champagne, Radiant Bronze and Devine Pink, $13.99 each, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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