Product Of The Week: PUPA Milano Petalips Lipstick

PUPA’s Petalips silky soft lipstick in eight, pretty pink to red hues, that are named after flowers? Yes please. We want every single one. For now though, we’re wearing (and loving) “011 Vibrant Tulip’s” flattering blackberry-esque shade (pictured above).

Smooth and creamy, the lipstick glides easily across our lips, leaving a delicate matte finish with as much or as little colour as we like, depending on how much we swipe on. And for a matte lippy, it’s surprisingly balm-like in texture, making it super comfortable to wear all day long. We also appreciate that its formula contains emollient and hydrating ingredients, so we never have to worry about our lips drying out. Plus, each lipstick has been tested by dermatologists and is paraben free.

But let’s get back to the eight shades. With names and colours like “001 Pink Magnolia’s” pale pink and “003 Aquatic Nymphaea’s” dusty mauve-pink to “005 Elegant Caemlia’” bubblegum pop of rose and “015 Red Rose’s” deep rouge, it’s hard to decide what our next choice will be.

PUPA Milano Petalips Lipstick (in shades like our fave, “Vibrant Tulip”), each $28, available online at

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