Product Of The Week: Keys Soulcare Tranquil Essence Soothing & Hydrating Toner

We like being toned, so we’re pretty diligent about it. Well, at least with our face. (We could afford to be more proactive with our body, but skincare is way easier.) Which is why we’re swiping on a Keys Soulcare’s Tranquil Essence Soothing & Hydrating Toner every single day or, to be exact, every single night.

Fueled with effective ingredients, this liquid solution is antioxidant rich with aloe to help hydrate, calm and cool our skin and bamboo, which is also high in silica, to sooth our face—all said, the combination leaves us with soft and supple skin. Factor in the inclusion of rose and the toner gently soothes while delivering optimum amounts of moisture. Definitely a good thing, especially now with winter’s harsher, colder temperatures taking over the outdoors and increased heat and dry warmth being pumped into the indoors.

The toner is super simple to incorporate into our daily, well, mostly evening, skincare cleansing routine too. We wash our face with our cleanser, then apply some of the toner to a cotton pad and swipe it across our entire face to remove the excess impurities left behind. When we’re finished, we smooth on our favourite serum and night cream and go to bed. On days when we need an extra hit, we repeat this process in the morning and follow it up with our daytime serum and face lotion. The end result is always the same: softer, more hydrated and healthy, glowing skin.

Keys Soulcare Tranquil Essence Soothing & Hydrating Toner, $40 for 110 ml, available at Sephora.

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