Product Of The Week: Bleu Lavande Mineral Bath Salts

Our favourite body of water is our bathtub, when it overflows with Bleu Lavande’s Mineral Bath Salts-infused hot water. Seriously. When the door’s shut, the lights are off and a candle is lit, we’re as close to heaven as we may ever get.

Steamy and serene, the natural lavender scent lulls us towards harps and wings, erasing the day so that our mind can truly unwind. The salts, on the other hand, work their magic, detoxifying our body and easing our muscles into a relaxed state. All combined the effect is powerful and worth repeating on a daily basis. Give us a book, a glass of Pinot Noir, a podcast or just plain silence and we’re good for at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted bliss. If the water’s heat didn’t eventually evaporate away, we’d consider living here, submerged, forever.

Still, life is life so when we do finally emerge our skin feels super soft thanks to the salt’s 100 per cent natural origin, vegan and gluten-free ingredients. This inclusion of magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium helps ensure our skin is as exfoliated as it is nourished. As for our headspace, it’s definitely calmer too (thank you, lavender essential oil) and already looking forward to our next soothing soak.

Bleu Lavande Mineral Bath Salt, $20.50, available online at

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