NIVEA HAUS Mobile Comes to Toronto

Have you always wanted to find out your skin type? Now is your chance! NIVEA HAUS is a mobile unit filled with the latest skin care products and is now visiting Toronto! It will then be travelling from Montreal to Vancouver with the experts who will offer you a personal analysis and recommend products especially for you. I caught up with the experts Dr. Harald Bé¼ttner, Global Skin Care & Technology Scouting Expert and Larry LaPorta, General Manager, both from Beiersdorf in Toronto, and got these skin care tips:

Find out your skin type… 

Everyone's skin is unique, therefore the experts suggest you first find out what your skin type is. Everyone's face and skin need something different than the next. Dr. Harald Bé¼ttner says “You can use a piece of paper at home and blot it on your face and see what comes off. If you see oil on that paper, then you tend to have oily to combination skin. If you hardly see anything on the paper, then your skin is more normal and dry skin type.”

Here I am getting finding out what skin type I have!

What you should do every morning before leaving the house…

Cleanse! Cleansing is the most important skin care regimen says the experts. ''If you tend to have sensative skin, like pimples or rashes, make sure to cleanse,” says Dr. Harald Bé¼ttner.

When applying makeup…  

Larry LaPorta says that you should always prep you skin before applying makeup.  "[Before] the makeup application [use] a light cream according to your skin type. If you have combination to oily skin, apply a very light moisturizer and then your makeup. If you have dry skin, go for a little bit of a richer cream." This can also help the makeup stay on longer and last throughout the day.

Prevent fine-lines and wrinkles with anti-aging tips… 

Start taking care of your skin at an early age says Larry LaPorta. You should start as early as possible. Make sure to always moisturizer and wash your makeup off before heading to bed. Also, UV protection plays a huge part in this as well. The sun is very hard on your skin, and if you don't protect it with sunscreen, you may start to see brown spots as you age.

Give yourself a at home facial…

Let your skin breath and start fresh with a great smelling exfoliant scrub. Do this at night before sitting down for your favorite TV show and your skin will feel instantly refreshed. “This is a peeling step which supports the natural regeneration of the skin. Every 28 days your skin renews, and to support this, a once a week scrub is very important.” says expert Dr. Harald Bé¼ttner.

To view all the stations NIVEA HAUS will be visiting, click here! 

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