Natural Hair Products – Do They Work?

The options for natural hair products seem endless, but before you opt for a chemical-free alternative, it’s important to know what ingredients to embrace or to shy away from. That’s why we’ve come up with a handy guide: no longer will you pace the hair care aisle perusing ingredient lists in vain “ now the code to natural hair care products will be broken.

1. Look for: food-derived ingredients
There’s a reason most of us like to take comfort in food, and all natural hair products should be no exception. Natural oils like carrot and coconut can keep hair silky and your scalp hydrated, while food-derived ingredients like lemon and grapefruit oil help promote hair growth and restores your hair’s pH.

2. Avoid: parabens
In addition to a few theories that parabens contain estrogen and other cancer-causing agents. While parabens are used to keep your hair products free of bacteria and maintain their longevity, many scientists believe the reward is not worth the risk.

3. Look for: chamomile
On top of being a delicious tea, chamomile is a wonder-ingredient of natural hair products since it helps soothe your scalp after colouring. Also ideal for those who suffer from eczema, this calming herb will give your head a much-needed reprieve.

4. Look for: Vitamin E
The beauty go-to vitamin E “ also known as St. John’s Wart “ protects hair from external factors (like pollution, over-styling and the elements) when used in natural hair products. Not only that, but vitamin E will also help keep hair vibrant and shiny. Not that we should be surprised: considering vitamin E is a must-use in body butters and moisturizers, what it does for natural hair products shouldn’t be shocking.

5. Avoid: silicone
While vitamin E works to keep hair strong in natural hair products, silicone does the opposite “ while appearing to make hair seem soft and silky. Silicone has been found to coat the hair shaft, sealing out moisture and clogging the follicle. Afterwards, you’re left with a flat and greasy style “ or one that’s dry and straw-like. Best to build your hair from the ground-up.

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